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6 Signs You Need a ManCation

An Apology to my Daily Transformations Fans.

Well, it’s been a few years since I’ve written anything and I owe you a huge apology. This isn’t clickbait to get you to read, it’s the truth I’m really sorry.
So why did I stop writing?
I had a major wake-up call. I’m talking M A J O R and it scared me.

Surprisingly Simple Self-Care Strategies.

Work, clean, workout, kids, career, groceries, spouses, bills, friends, commitments, and repeat.
Whether we’re married or single, working or in school, there just doesn’t seem to be much time for self-care anymore.
Those tiny quiet moments we used to enjoy at stop lights, commuting on trains, and waiting for appointments are gone and now replaced with

7 Habits of Highly Unhappy People – Tamara Star

I often teach about happiness and what has become exceedingly clear is this: there are 7 qualities chronically unhappy people have mastered. According to Psychology Today, University of California researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky states: “40% of our of our capacity for happiness is within our power to change”. If this is true and it is, there’s […]

Self-Care in the Time of Chaos.

Work, clean, workout, kids, career, groceries, spouses, bills, friends, commitments, and repeat. Whether you’re married or single, there just isn’t much time for self-care anymore is there? Those tiny quiet moments we used to enjoy at stop lights, commuting on trains, and waiting for appointments are gone and now replaced with quick glimpses of emails, […]

8 Simple ways happy couples stay happy

8 Simple Ways Happy Couples Stay Happy.

Love is obviously a hot and tricky topic, and while we can all agree good love takes time and effort, love seems to fall apart quickly when the ball is dropped and laziness creeps in.
Here are eight things happy couples do to keep this from happening:

Why it Takes Balls to Be Happy.

You say you want happiness. We all do. But the truth is, you’re scared shitless of it. Completely bat shit crazy of having it because lo and behold if you get it, if you experience it and get used to experiencing it, you just might lose it. Here’s a little 411 for you: so am I, and so is everyone.

There Must Be… 50 Ways to Leave Your Stress.

I don’t need to tell you that stress is a killer, but I do need to share with you that like happiness, stress is a choice. How we respond to any situation in life is dictated by our habits and our beliefs. Here are 50 ways to leave your stress, and while none involve getting […]

How to Bounce Back When Life Falls Apart.

Sometimes life blows up doesn’t it? 7 years ago my own life did and I survived. I make it a rule to never take advice from someone who hasn’t been there, so I’ll share with you what happened, and then I’ll share how I got through my own personal tunnel of hell. In a 30 […]

Happiness isn’t a Destination.

Most of us spend our days seeking happiness as if happiness were a destination or golden prize at the end of long journey.  I believe happiness isn’t something to achieve or a reward for a life well lived ~I believe happiness is a point of view. And it’s an interesting point of view isn’t it? […]

When Women Hold Women Down.

We are raped, abused, neglected, victimized, discriminated against and passed over for promotions, and yet… the most painful wound women still have bleeding isn’t caused by men, this particularly painful festering wound is caused by something far more surprising –  the brutality of women holding women down. It seems now trendy to hail to the call of women rising […]

The Blackness of Despair

There are dark days when I feel everything so deeply that I wonder if emotions have ambushed my brain and bypassed any rationality left in my body. I don’t understand what’s happening in the world and feel fear, sadness, even a deep blackness of despair. Sadness comes over me like a heavy weight of grief […]

Ego Candy.

Psst! Come here little girl, I’ve got some candy for you.
Don’t worry, it’s free and I can get you as much of it as you’d like.
What? You don’t want to take candy from a stranger? I’m no stranger, I’m your mirror. Come closer, have a taste, you’ll like it, I promise.

Self-Help Makes Me Vomit

When Self Help Becomes Useless

Self-discovery, on the other hand, requires silence and reflection, honesty and courage. It’s grabbing a bright light and magnifying glass while reaching in and grabbing that infected splinter with tweezers. It hurts, it’s bloody, but it’s permanently effective. No self-help guru can peel back the wrapper of the Band-Aid for you.

RIP Romance.

Here’s where it’s not.  It’s not in a text, it’s not in a dating app, it’s not even in a late night hook up. Romance lies in effort.  The effort to reach out, to extend, to make a grand gesture that is actually found in the smallest of acts, and it’s premeditated. Romance requires premeditated effort. 

Taping Our Breasts Flat to Suppress the Feminine.

The Real Superpower of Tomorrow.

Society has always been the strongest motivator to conform. It starts in grade school. Gather two or more together and there will be rules. If we know them, we can save ourselves a lot of trouble down the road, but when do these rules start to inhibit the women that we really are? When do they go too far and actually suppress the feminine in order to control us?

6 Signs You Need a ManCation

6 Signs You Need a Man Break

Vacations and ManCations change our perspective, but most of us are afraid to take them. Why?  Because we might miss out on something while we’re away. Psychologists agree: Taking a break from life’s routine is as important as a good night’s sleep.  Having time to reflect and reevaluate allows us to return to life refreshed […]

Full Moon Shift Happens.

August. It’s hot and the summer flower pots look tired. While I’m not ready for cold weather, I am ready for a shift away from this heat and this energy. As the moon came through my window last night, I remembered another 28 days had passed. Change is coming. For three days prior and three […]

How to Stop Worrying.

Experiencing a dark bout of worry in the middle of the night or while trying to relax is something most of us are no stranger to. Here’s how to get yourself out of it and back to peace again.

When Your Day is an Ass Kicker.

Today was an ass kicker sort of a day. The accidentally get your foot stuck in a stirrup and be dragged face down in the horse stall sort of day. Fears are up, stress is off the charts, and many of us are left feeling as though it’s time to throw in the towel. Life […]

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice.

Today- the shortest day of the year heralds the return of light here in the northern hemisphere. Can you feel  it? Regardless of where you are, today’s daylight is fleeting and the dark stillness of winter is calling. Even as we light our candles and Christmas lights to offset the darkness, springtime still feels eons away; yet tomorrow the […]

A Surprising Mantra for Inner Peace: I Don’t Care.

I don’t care? Stay with me here… This isn’t about giving up on caring for others, the planet, or what really matters, it’s about something entirely different. We don’t have to dig deep to hear of the unfolding of the feminine inside all of us. Feminine as in balanced feminine, not femme fatale weak and helpless. For me? I got […]

Family Dynamics Got you Down? Holiday Survival 101.

The holidays are upon us and if we’re not careful, so is burnout. Foods we don’t usually eat, later nights than usual, holiday expectations, family dynamics and the financial stress of gift buying can send even the strongest person right over the edge.  It’s no surprise so many of us start the new year feeling exhausted […]

Removing Digital Clutter

Let’s talk about the overwhelming, exhausting amount of digital clutter you have in your life. Remember when you first got mail? It was fun and exciting to see who sent mail every morning wasn’t it? Think Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle- email was exciting, even romantic. And now?  (sound of record scratching!) It’s exhausting.  Most […]

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