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Brain Spotting Can Set You Free of Trauma and Negative Thoughts.

I wrote about life blowing up a few years ago in the post: “When Life Blows Up on Every Level“, and realized after writing it that while I may have survived that time, I hadn’t fully moved past it and thrived again.

Maybe your life hasn’t blown up; but instead you’re dealing with the pain and stress of everyday life (or even old childhood memories).

Did you know parental beliefs can be passed down to us as children and stored in our brains?  Scary.  Setting ourselves free from negative beliefs and trauma is necessary if we’re to live the life we want to live and truly thrive.

Trauma is a funny thing.  We go into automatic “dealing mode” until we’re through it; yet we don’t really clear it until we’ve done specific trauma release work.

Same with fears that our either ours or stemming from family patterning~Until they’re released, they run our life.  

Often when the trauma is over, we’re just so glad to have survived, we think we’ve recovered, but the truth is, our neuro pathways haven’t recovered.  Our bodies are on overload and we’re suddenly programmed to be on high alert never returning to our natural levels of relaxation.

After going though a few particularly difficult relationships, I wrote “Domestic Violence Isn’t Always Physical” and started reflecting on my last few years of dating.  In the past I had enjoyed wonderful relationships that ended in friendship regardless of the breakup.  Lately the relationships and the endings had been dramatic and painful.

What had happened during my most recent disasters?

The common denominator was me.

What became clear was this:  I’d been making poor relationship choices while still in a trauma state, without any down time to recover and find my balance.  Even when life seemed relaxed, I was still looking over my shoulder waiting for the next shoe to drop.

I was filled with anxiety regardless of time spent on my meditation cushion.  No wonder I made poor choices over and over again.

I started searching for answers knowing I was tired of listening to my own voice loop old stories over and over again in traditional talk therapy.

Discovering Brain Spotting changed my life because it brought me through the trauma, delivering me out the other side and into the lap of peace.

When we experience difficult times, the brain creates new neuro pathways that once formed, look for evidence of more difficulty keeping us in a constant state of perceived trauma.

In layman’s terms; traumas and dramas create hormone like chemicals that feed newly formed neuro pathways.   The brain is literally designed to look for evidence and situations in your world to feed these hormones to the newly formed pathways.

It’s like buying a red car and suddenly noticing all of the other red cars on the road whether you’re driving, walking or riding your bike.   Brain spotting closes the door on those pathways permanently.

This means trauma memories no longer create a reaction emotionally or physically in your body.  You no longer look for, or see those “red cars”.

When we’re in constant reaction mode, we make decisions from a place of imbalance.  We’re not ourselves and we don’t think clearly from a place of power.

With Brain Spotting, we find our power again.

Through Brain Spotting, one by one, the traumatic memories of the past are closed naturally.

When neuro pathways are erased and sealed over. we’re left in the now moment of today versus the traumas of yesterday.

When we’re living in the now, we’re fully present and able to see clearly from a state of wholeness.


Images courtesy of  Baby feet by Sura Nualpradid, Head by Salvatore Vuono, Fast car by M – Pics, Meditation pose by markuso, Child on beach by quyenlan,  Door by Danilo Rizzuti.

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