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Dear Supposed to, Should Be, and Maybe Not,


Bite me.

I guess in polite terms I’m saying: we’re over.

Women everywhere are breaking free from all of you now.

You found us right after college, chased us through our careers, into our relationships, and finally pinned us down after the fall.

You remember- the fall that we go through when we find ourselves down on our knees, devoid of self-esteem and confidence because life came up and kicked us in the ass? That’s when we began paying apt attention to your every word and every advice because we lost our innocence.

So here’s the 411 Dear Supposed to, Should Be and Maybe Not,

You’re dead to us now. Your words fall on deaf ears and we no longer understand the language of stupid.

We’ve taken a master’s degree in the language of freedom and it sounds something like this:

We’re “supposed to” be doing what makes the wildfire in our hearts burn brighter.

“We should” only listen to the small voice of our dreams waiting patiently to be heard.


“Maybe not” is what we’ll now say to situations life presents offering empty promises of security sure to drain the soul right from our bodies.

So don’t let the door hit you on your way out.




Let’s take this a little further now. Join me?

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get my free tips to create a life & biz you'll love...