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Ego Candy.


Come here little one, I’ve got some candy for you.

Don’t worry, it’s free and I can get you as much as you’d like.

What?  You don’t want to take candy from a stranger?  I’m no stranger, I’m your mirror.   Come closer, have a taste, you’ll like it, I promise.

What’s it called?  Ohh it’s called Ego Candy.  Take a taste, it’s sweet.  Don’t mind the bitter aftertaste, there’s always more so you can chase away the bitterness with another sweet bite.

What flavors do I have you ask?

Ohh many, many flavors.

I’ve got the flavor of ego success.  

Does it taste like a job well done tinged with the flavors of being enough, gratitude, and contentment,  you ask?

Nah, those are boring flavors.

The flavor of ego success tastes like what’s next and how can I get more.  It’s the flavor of don’t relax, you’d better try harder, work harder and think of what you haven’t done yet.  It’s the flavor of do, do do! –  and after that, do a lot more!  It kinda tastes like a hint of don’t celebrate your wins, there’s always more to achieve and you can do better. That one’s really popular these days.

Not your flavor?

Don’t worry, I’ve another piece of ego candy for you and it’s the flavor of ego trust.

Oooh do you mean going with the flow, trusting the rhythm of my life and knowing I’ll always be taken care of? Does it taste like allowing the goodness of life to flow towards me, doing what I can, then letting go to let life flow?

Nooo that wouldn’t be any fun to suck on.

It tastes like doing what everyone else is doing versus trusting what you know to be true for you. It tastes like there’s never enough to go around and you’d better act first or end up last.  It also tastes like kill or be killed in a dog eat dog world. It tastes like doing things the old masculine way versus the way of your heart. It’s got the strong flavor of defeat with the scent of helplessness and not trusting you know best.

Not your flavor?

Ahh little one, don’t worry, I’ve got another flavor for you.

I’ve got the flavor of ego competition!

Ooh does it taste like seeing others succeed and trusting if they can do it, I can too?  Does it taste like knowing there’s safe place for me in this world and believing my gifts are valuable? 

Nope, it tastes like never feeling like you’re good enough with the slight aftertaste of jealousy.  It also tastes like time is running out and you’d better step on whoever you can to get to the top.  If you suck on it long enough, it tastes a little bitter, but don’t worry because I’ve got another flavor for you.

I’ve got the flavor of ego self-esteem.

Oooh does it taste like feeling secure about myself, proud of my accomplishments and trusting my own rhythm in this world? Does it taste like knowing my way might be different, but the unique flavor I bring to the world? Does it taste like knowing there are others just like me who want to march to the beat of their own drum too?

Nah that would be boring in your mouth!

It tastes like comparing yourself to others and worrying you’ll never be good enough.  It tastes like ignoring your own gifts and instead copying what the next person is doing.  It tastes like trying to be something you’re not.

No you say?

None of those sound right?

Don’t worry, I’ve got one last flavor for you.

I’ve got the flavor of ego satisfaction.

Does it taste like contentment, relaxation, and feelings of being and having enough, you ask? Does it taste like simplifying your life and leaning into the mystery you wonder?

Nope.  It tastes like you’d better do what you can to get your share because there’s not enough to go around.  It tastes like worrying about your future instead of appreciating what you have today, with a hint of flavor that tastes like don’t stop until you’ve had enough – which is never.

Hard to decide?

Don’t worry, I’ve got a sampler for you.  These ego candies will bring you instant satisfaction because they’re what everyone else is eating these days. Just look around.

If you find yourself craving more, don’t worry, there’s always more to be had.

As they say, don’t stop ’til you’ve had enough.

Have you had enough?

I think we all have.


photo credit: Danielle via photopin (license)

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