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Top Feng Shui Bedroom Tips.

Whether you find yourself in a well established relationship or in single status, it’s always a great time to turn a fresh eye in the direction of your home’s Feng Shui.

Using Feng Shui tips to enhance and attract love is easier than you might think.

But first, what is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the 5,000 year old art of placement.  Since it’s been proven that everything is ultimately energy, it makes sense that where you put your things, how you think about them, and what you do with them; matters.

This ancient art is taken so seriously in Asia, there are laws against too many “cures” on the outside of sky scrapers.  Last I checked, Asian business was thriving globally, so open your mind here. When we enhance the positive of our homes and limit the negative, this energy can flow unrestrained in harmonious ways. Health, money and love come easier and our homes suddenly feel like the refuge from the world they were meant to be.

Black Hat Feng Shui works off the placement of the Bagua map on the layout of your home starting at the front door.

If you stand with your back against your closed front door looking into your living space, the farthest right hand corner of your home on all levels is your Feng Shui relationship area. The furthest right corner of those rooms are the anchor corners of your home…meaning: extra important.  This area is where my Feng Shui tips for attracting and enhancing love are most important.

To enhance those areas it’s important to think in terms of symbols.

If you have a dying or struggling plant in this area, chances are your relationship is struggling as well. Having sets of 2 in this corner is uber important.  3 candles aren’t going to represent the committed partnership you’re hoping for~ 2 plants, 2 candles, photos of the two of you, a good upward facing light, artwork depicting love or a statue representing lovers are all excellent cures.

Bad items to have in your relationship corner?  Photos of your family, lights that don’t work or have burnt out bulbs, dying plants, things grouped in odd numbers, artwork representing solo people, self-help books, and clutter.

Often as I Feng Shui the homes of single people or struggling marriages, I see art work depicting one person alone.  Sad, remorseful art may be valuable to collect but represent sadness, not exactly the love you’re wanting.

A bathroom in the relationship corner present a unique situation that while it can be “cured”,  must be paid attention to for  a healthy relationship to thrive. Keeping the toilet closed and bathroom spotless becomes über important. If your bathroom falls in this area, symbolic photos of love or couple shots would be important to display in the space.  Having matching towels and painting the room a warm inviting color would be a solid cure for enhancing the chi.

Painting any relationship sector of your home a cool color will dull passion.  Blues facilitate over communication which is not exactly ideal to romance, while greens foster growth. But…

Too many growth periods in a relationship and it becomes exhausting, so limit the amount of green in this area. Also keep in mind that too much red can cause fighting.  It’s best to choose a warm inviting color that you both like and enhance the room with touches of red with pillows, throws, sheets or artwork for enhancing  passion. Matching night stands vs. one night stand enhances the partnership.  Not only should the tables match but also the lights.

Books and supplies in the drawers of these night stands should be bedroom related, not business or self help.  Keep family photos out of the bedroom and let this be your couple sanctuary.  If single, consider books on love, sex and relationship.

Even when you find yourself single, make sure both night stands match and keep one of the drawers empty so there’s room for love to enter your life.  Same with your closet and dresser.  Have one dresser drawer empty and make room in your closet.

This creates energetic space for love.  Making this space is an important symbolic gesture that you trust love is coming your way. There should be nothing under your bed as clutter causes stagnant energy. Stagnant energy in a bedroom=bad sex. Above all, don’t fight in your bedroom,  step out into  neutral space.  The bedroom is reserved for love.  My top Feng Shui tip for a happy relationship?  Remove the television.

Is your current relationship feeling stagnant or out of balance?  It’s time to change things up in the relationship corners of the home.

Start to look at your home through a critical eye.  Is there an equal representation of both of you in the home?  Is it time to add some warm colors and pops of passionate red, purple or hot pink?

Are you working in bed vs. keeping the room as sacred space? Do you have sets of 3 throughout the home?  3 stones, 3 pieces of artwork?  Groupings of 2 are more desirable. Keep a close eye on artwork too.  One couple had a collection of mermaids in the home.  Regardless of how beautiful they were, mermaids represent solo female energy.

Fresh flowers do wonders for enhancing relationship energy.  Buy a bunch of roses and put 2 stems in a vase in each of your relationship corners.  Every time you see them standing together in that vase, remind yourself that there is someone for you out in the world hoping to find you as much as you’re hoping to find them.

When we feel loved, in balance and safe in our relationships, all other areas of our life seem to flow.

~all photos by  Bedroom by Maggie Smith, drawers and rocks by Carlos Porto, candles by Annat_tikker, artwork by Vlado, pillows by Phiseksit, couples by imagerymajestic, rose by Nuttakit, lotus bud by Lobster20, garbage can by healingdream.

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