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Full Moon Shift Happens.


It’s hot and the summer flower pots look tired.

While I’m not ready for cold weather, I am ready for a shift away from this heat and this energy.

As the moon came through my window last night, I remembered another 28 days had passed. Change is coming.

For three days prior and three days after, the monthly full moon triggers restless sleep, heightened emotions, and feelings of uncertainty.

Under the light of the moon, we have an opportunity to peel away yet another layer of dark, hidden emotions and beliefs that no longer serve us.

As I laid awake riding the intensity, I wondered: Just how big is this onion we’re peeling away?   

It’s huge.

We are being asked by the unexplainable mystery of the cosmos to be authentic beyond the personality level and dive deeply into who we really are, and more importantly, who we are not.

Learn to welcome this unraveling.  

Each month the moon’s theme will be different.  For me, May brought panic and anxiety. June delivered fear – deep, deep fear.  July brought shame and feelings of dread. Hot August has revealed old childhood memories of feeling like the next shoe was about to drop in my life.

After experiencing these hard emotions over the last few months, I find myself feeling more expansive and positive in the weeks that have followed.

So now, let me share a secret with you…

There is currently so much light and love flooding onto this planet from the beyond, that our darkest parts are being illuminated.  The world is being illuminated.  Secrets are being revealed, masks are dropping, and our shadows are now lit up to be seen clearly.

We see this in the news, in the people around us, and in ourselves.

As I sit with the shadowy parts of myself – those darker, less palatable emotions-  feeling them instead of buying into the thoughts arising to explain them away, I feel an unraveling happening.

As I track into my body feeling where the anxiety, fear or anger resides in hiding, I force myself to hold my attention steady. Is my stomach tight?  Am I clenching my butt?  Are my shoulders up around my ears?

And I observe.  I don’t try to change anything, I watch like a warrior silently tracking a deer through the dark forest.

Then, like shining a flashlight under the bed on a scary night, I see that nothing’s really there.  There’s only emptiness.

I notice these emotions don’t return after a few days of feeling them, and instead, dissipate.  Situations don’t get a rise out of me anymore like they used to.  There is a change happening, and it feels permanent.  

Is this process of unraveling easy?  Hell no.

Asking you if it’s worth it would be redundant.

With each cycle under this light of the moon, I promise you something new will arise.  

As you remember this post and know you’re not alone as you stay strong and navigate, you’ll see what arises is really something old.  

And as each feeling rises to be witnessed and released, I also promise the light of who you truly are will eventually outshine the moon.


photo credit: Full Moon Brightens The Night via photopin (license)

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