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How to Ground Yourself and Disconnect from Crazy.


Are you wondering what the hell is going on lately?

I’m betting you know exactly what I’m talking about….

This world feels INTENSE.

It’s always been intense, but lately there is an out of control feeling that everyone is feeling. Couples are fighting, many are freaking out over money, and fear seems to be everywhere.

Let’s face it: volatility is UP, and overwhelming emotions like sadness seem to be flooding into everyone’s consciousness.

But that’s the KEY to our freedom right there.

Everyone’s consciousness — as in the collective consciousness of the planet.

I’m betting half of what you’re feeling isn’t even yours.

Let me explain:

Have you ever heard of the 100th monkey effect?

Years and years ago some Japanese scientists watched monkeys eat potatoes on a few different islands, and noticed that one day, a few of the monkeys started going to the ocean to wash their potatoes.
Suddenly through observation and repetition, all of the monkey’s on that island starting washing their spuds too, but what’s REALLY interesting is that once the monkey population reached a “critical mass of behavior” (the so-called 100th monkey), monkey’s on far away neighboring islands started washing their potatoes TOO.

Those non potato washing monkeys tapped into the collective consciousness of the monkey’s on the nearby island washing their potatoes and unbeknownst to them, followed suit.

So what does this mean?

It means we’re ALL connected through this cosmic web of energy called the collective consciousness, but here’s the really interesting part:  We have the collective consciousness where the beliefs we’re aware of — things like murder is wrong and being kind is good are found.

And, we ALSO have the collective unconsciousness where emotions like fear, sadness, anger, guilt, etc…hang out.  Emotions we feel, but don’t necessarily expressed openly.

Here’s the unfortunate kicker:

The collective unconsciousness in today’s world is really freaked out (no surprise), so you – we – ALL of us…are feeling it on massive levels.

Between the horrors in the middle east, beloved comedian Robin Williams taking his life, and the overall fear over the state of finances and food worldwide, there’s A LOT of collective fear, sadness and overall negative emotion out there to pick up on.

And as you know….there are far more than 100 people on this planet.

So chances are: you’re tapping into everyone else’s energy around you and THAT’S exasperating everything.

Emotions feel out of control, tempers are high, and fears are keeping everyone up at night.
In fact, I’m betting that more than half of what you’re feeling, isn’t even yours to begin with because you’re tapping into the collective.

So what to do?

  • Return to sender!  If you think about it, the best way to not tap into the collective is to become uber conscious of your own state of affairs.
Ask yourself:  Is this really all mine?  OR Am I picking up on someone else?
 If your answers point to your feelings not being entirely your own, say aloud: “return to sender”, shake your hands and body a bit like a dog, and then take three long slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Sound silly?  Try it before judging it.
  • Get your heart rate up.  There’s no better way to clear your energy field than to move.  Once your heart is pumping and fresh air is flowing through your lungs, endorphins kick in and the slate of your mind clears.   Psst:  walking counts.
  • Give yourself a news break.  Unplug yourself from the hypnotic negative box we all pay our hard earned bucks to have — the television.  We all know the media fails big time in reporting any good news in this world, so give yourself a negativity break and turn it off.  I promise you’ll hear about world events within hours of anything happening.  Try it for a week or two and see.  Why?  Well….

According to Amazing

A number of experts defined hypnotism in such a way that television aptly fits the description. The classic setting for TV watching is similar to a typical environment for hypnotism induction—a darkened room, a flickering light (the TV set) as a single-minded focus, and freedom from outside diversions.

Is that really the type of stimulus you want to feed your brain?


  • Stay grounded.  When we’re grounded in our own energy, we pick up less on those around us and stay encapsulated in our own energy insulated from all the negativity floating around.

How to do it?  Close your eyes and imagine a cord or root dropping from the tip of your tail bone, down through the floor, through the earth, all the way to the center of our planet.  Imagine all of your stress oozing down that cord and being absorbed by the earth.  On hard days?  Imagine your whole lower torso being pulled down into the earth by this cord until you’re up to your knees in earth. Then let it all drain baby, let it drain.

  • Soak it out.  Many esoteric teachings suggest that sea salt clears energy.  If you think about it, it’s impossible to have bad feelings after floating around in the ocean isn’t it?

So try it.  Pour a cup or two of sea salt into a tub and soak.  I’m talking real sea salt.  Not the creepy processed kind we all grew up with.  It’s cheap — Do it.

  • Reality check yourself.  If emotions are out of control, ask yourself:  Can I do anything about this in the moment?  If so, take action immediately.  If not, realize you’re most likely worrying about something that has NOT come to pass OR, you’re picking up on stuff that isn’t even yours.

Reality check yourself and LET – IT – GO.

There’s no question the collective unconsciousness is affecting us all; but our happiness depends on what part of that collective we want to tap into.  By monitoring our own energy, keeping ourselves energetically clean, and protecting our peace by unplugging from negativity, we can all tap into the wisdom of the 100th monkey theory to change the world.


Image courtesy of dorguska.

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