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How to Ritualistically Let Go and Start Over For This New Year.

Ahh, 365 days are behind us and we’re standing on the threshold of a fresh start aren’t we?

It’s human nature to want to clear the slate and start over on the new year, as we all long to leave behind what no longer works, what no longer serves us, and instead set lofty goals to send into motion our dreams for the coming year.  As many of us declare new resolutions into the ethers, many more of us will fall down and resort to old ways of doing things, old habits and old patterns almost immediately.

When we want to make real change in life, we must re pattern our brain by tricking old neuro pathways into turning off and making room for new neuro pathways.  A great way to do this is through ritual.  Ritual catches the attention of the Left Pre Frontal Cortex in the brain.  Once we have the attention of the LPFC, old habits and patterns that usually ignite activity in the Limbic (primal, reptilian, fight, flight or freeze) area of the brain, change course and we’re given a fertile opportunity to lay down new grid patterns, new thoughts and new patterns.

Here are some great ways to let go on the New Year ritualistically and herald in a new dawn of hope for tomorrow.

~ Write down what you wish to let go of on a piece of paper and cut all of these sentences into strips of paper.   Have a fireplace, candle next to the toilet or a fire proof container on hand and as you read aloud each thing you’re letting go of, let that strip of paper burn into ashes.

~ Clean your home in a ritualistic manner.  This means that once you deep clean and declutter, burn some sage or incense to clear the energy.  As you see the smoke float into nooks and crannies, corners and closets–imagine old energy leaving the area creating space for your new hopes and dreams. Imagine old arguments, tears, disappointments and worries vaporizing with the fragrant smoke.

~ Mentally and emotionally let go of old lovers, closing the door energetically on your memories and recommitting into the present moment with your current partner, or if you’re single~creating the space for someone to walk in.  Leaky sexual energy, dashed hopes and fantasy take up too much head space.  Create the space in your heart and head for the one you currently love or the love that is coming your way.

~ Wipe your keyboards, phones and devices down with a cotton ball soaked in lavender.  Lavender is a great way to clear the energy and in the coming days as you catch its faint scent, you’ll be reminded of the fresh start and clean slate you’ve created for yourself.  Gone are disappointing emails, messages, difficult conversations and old energy.

~ Take a ritual shower and scrub yourself down with a loofah, jute brush or homemade body scrub.  Imagine the past being literally scrubbed off your body.  Let go of past hurts, illness, injuries and traumas in your body and as you rinse off, imagine yourself reborn and new again.

~ Take a ritual bath filled with sea salts, essential oils or bubbles of your choice.  Make the bathroom warm and cozy with candles and when you’re done, stay in that bathtub as the water drains down the drain and imagine that old energy draining away with it.

~ Change your sheets, clean your towels and basically do your laundry so that tomorrow, you awake on fresh sheets, shower with fresh towels and put on fresh clothes for the dawn of the new year.

~ Create what you might consider sacred space and take some time to write down your goals and dreams for the coming year as though they have already arrived and with gratitude.  Write something like this:  I am so grateful that I’ve found true love this year.  I’m so grateful my health is perfect and I am radiantly healthy.  I’m so grateful that I am debt free or have $xyz in my bank balance.  When we use gratitude to write our goals and resolutions, we seal the deal energetically with trust versus hope.  Trust is powerful, hope is fingers crossed not quite sure things will unfold.

Tonight there is a new moon in the sky as we let go of 2013. It’s a perfect time to till the soil, pull the weeds and plant seeds for what you want in 2014.

Happy New Year!~


photo credit: ~Brenda-Starr~ via photopin cc

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