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How to Stop Worrying.

Experiencing a dark bout of worry in the middle of the night or while trying to relax is something most of us are no stranger to. Here’s how to get yourself out of it and back to peace again.

Surprisingly Simple Self-Care Strategies.

Work, clean, workout, kids, career, groceries, spouses, bills, friends, commitments, and repeat.
Whether we’re married or single, working or in school, there just doesn’t seem to be much time for self-care anymore.
Those tiny quiet moments we used to enjoy at stop lights, commuting on trains, and waiting for appointments are gone and now replaced with

A Surprising Mantra for Inner Peace: I Don’t Care.

I don’t care? Stay with me here… This isn’t about giving up on caring for others, the planet, or what really matters, it’s about something entirely different. We don’t have to dig deep to hear of the unfolding of the feminine inside all of us. Feminine as in balanced feminine, not femme fatale weak and helpless. For me? I got […]

get my free tips to create a life & biz you'll love...