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RIP Romance.

Here’s where it’s not.  It’s not in a text, it’s not in a dating app, it’s not even in a late night hook up. Romance lies in effort.  The effort to reach out, to extend, to make a grand gesture that is actually found in the smallest of acts, and it’s premeditated. Romance requires premeditated effort. 

6 Signs You Need a ManCation

6 Signs You Need a Man Break

Vacations and ManCations change our perspective, but most of us are afraid to take them. Why?  Because we might miss out on something while we’re away. Psychologists agree: Taking a break from life’s routine is as important as a good night’s sleep.  Having time to reflect and reevaluate allows us to return to life refreshed […]

Think Women are Crazy?

This post is the other side of the coin, and no I’m not going to shame anyone. I vote for peace between the sexes by honoring our differences. I can’t possibly speak for all women but I can tell you, most of us are tired of being labeled.

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