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RIP Romance.

Here’s where it’s not.  It’s not in a text, it’s not in a dating app, it’s not even in a late night hook up. Romance lies in effort.  The effort to reach out, to extend, to make a grand gesture that is actually found in the smallest of acts, and it’s premeditated. Romance requires premeditated effort. 

8 Simple ways happy couples stay happy

8 Simple Ways Happy Couples Stay Happy.

Love is obviously a hot and tricky topic, and while we can all agree good love takes time and effort, love seems to fall apart quickly when the ball is dropped and laziness creeps in.
Here are eight things happy couples do to keep this from happening:

The #1 Way to Seduce a Woman

You think we want presents?  No my friend.  We want your Presence. I was once on a date with someone who gave me 100% of his attention while I was talking. It was so shocking that I stopped mid sentence, lost my train of thought, became flustered and started giggling like a nervous girl. He […]

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