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To hell with their way, I’m doing it MY way.

I’ve got a mantra for inner peace for you below, but first it starts with a story…

Something very powerful happened on vacation and while I know it’s going to sound cliche’, it rocked my world.

I realized I’d lost touch with my L I F E.

Can you relate?

The last few years as an entrepreneur knocked me off my center.

It’s the third time I’ve started a business, yet something about this female online marketing business was far different than my other businesses.

And I found it ugly. Really really ugly. The more emails I read from fellow entrepreneurs the more I shook my head wondering: what’s happened to us?

I’d become a work a holic as my personal life slipped into the background.

(Are you relating yet?)

I stopped doing the things I loved while I let my friends and fun and interests fall by the wayside.

I also started trying to do work the masculine way. No offense guys, but it didn’t work for me.

There was never an off switch, there was always something more to do, and I never felt satisfied with a job well done because there were always a zillion more things to get done.

So I’ve decided to let things slip back into balance again.

I’m bringing my hikes, my friends, my gardening, my outdoor activities and my life back to the front burners.

This is how I lived my life when I had a corporate job.
I put my personal life first and my professional life fell into place.

It was magic.  I did what I needed to do and then I let go a little.  I hit the off switch.

Working hard is like trying to catch a bug in a swimming pool. The harder we work towards catching success, the faster it seems to float away from us.

When we lean back a little, enjoy our lives and let things happen, life AND success float toward us with ease.

So that’s what I’ve been doing this last week, enjoying my life. And you know what? Business started booming again.

So to hell with those business theories and to hell with the experts.

Regardless of what you do for a living, it’s time to go back to living your life more and following your intuition.

I’m going back to living my life and following my intuition. I’ll listen closely when it says to take action, and I’ll follow the beat of my own drum, versus what I see so many others doing- trying to follow what the next “something” is doing.

Let’s apologize to ourselves for becoming one of those “oh I’m so busy” people in this world.

Let’s open ourselves up for life again. It’s time to schedule some life into your day as you would an important appointment.

Want to join me?

Let’s lay down the rules, let’s follow our own rhythm and let’s let the way we’re supposed to do things, fall to the wayside.

Let’s say it together, your mantra for inner peace…ready?

To hell with their way, I’m doing it MY way.



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get my free tips to create a life & biz you'll love...