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Are Your Underwear and Junk Drawers Making You Fat?

Yep, it’s true.

What you have in your underwear drawer can, in fact, make you overweight and poor.

Have I lost my mind?  Well, maybe…but stick with me here.

I’ve been helping people hit the reset button on life so they can open the door to love, better friendships, more abundance, healthy self-esteem, and basically- get their Mojo back again.  Every client I’ve ever worked with has had one trait in common:  They weren’t willing to let go of the past and turn a new corner.

Letting go of the past requires we put a little trust and faith in our future.  Holding on to people, old beliefs, habits and STUFF, keeps us stuck on that hamster wheel track of an unhappy life.  Jumping off requires we trust and let go.

One of my favorite easy ways to make a BIG and FAST difference in life is to have you take a good hard look around your home and rid yourself of clutter.   100% of clients suffering from money problems or weight issues have a source of clutter somewhere in life.

Closets, storage units, basements and garages all count as clutter.  Out of sight is not out of mind. Clutter = Stuck energy and low flow.

One client lost 14 lbs after decluttering her life, so trust me here… this is not woo woo.

This one action will instantly change the way you feel and live your life because The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Holding on to what no longer works, serves you, or makes you happy, will bring your energy (and mood!) down fast.

Starting your day digging through a mess is no way to get yourself into what my mentor Tony Robbins refers to as “state”.

“State” is how you present yourself to the world, how you feel inside and the emotional level from which you operate.   Your “state” governs your life because it governs how you view the world and the decisions you make.

Do you start the day looking through rose colored glasses, or are you rushed, irritated and frazzled?

Looking at clutter when you open a closet, drawer or room in your home affects your brain negatively and weighs down your “state” of mind. Think about how you feel when you’re staying in a beautiful hotel room or standing in a zen-like spa.  It’s clean, spacious, light, and relaxing isn’t it?

Clutter Holics are afraid there won’t be enough money to replace something if and when they need it.  This belief sends a message out to the universe that they don’t trust.

Want a change in life right now?

Let go of what you’re not using, what doesn’t fit and what doesn’t make you happy, and instead…TRUST.

Trust there is always enough.  When we let go a little, we create a vacuum for the universe to rush in and fill our life with what’s right versus what’s just there.

After a particular rough spot in life, I forced myself to fill an entire garbage bag from each of my rooms to either donate, recycle or throw away. I am NOT a clutter gal, but I WAS able to do it and you know what?  My life did change.  At first in subtle ways, but then in big, big ways.

When we hold on to things we don’t need or use, it’s hoarding energy.  When we hold on so tightly vs. letting go and trusting, we surround ourselves with the energy of holding on.  Science has already proven that our emotions and our thoughts affect our health. Can you see why gripping and holding on in any area of life is going to affect all areas including health?

So my suggestion for you is to simply try it in one area of your life.  You have absolutely nothing to lose (but perhaps a few pounds) and everything to gain (like fresh new energy).
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