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Why You’re Bored When You Get What You Want.

photo by Imagery majestic

photo by Imagery majestic

Ever wonder why you’re bored when you get what you want?

Truth is, we’re human.  We like the thrill of something new. 

9 out of 10 people think they can solve career problems by finding a new job; yet changing jobs is like changing relationships, there’s always going to be an issue.
Jumping from either just trades one set of problems for another.
Ever find yourself hit with writers block or artist’s freeze?  You set aside time to create and you’re met with a blinking screen and blank canvas?

What do love, business and creativity have in common?  

Pressure, expectation, and routine.

We’re animals.  We thrive in the unknown and feel alive when faced with uncertainty.

Anytime we saddle ourselves with routine, we dull our senses and take away the unknown.

Photo by tiverylucky

Photo by tiverylucky

Maybe you have a standing saturday night date with someone you love.  You know you’ll likely have sex at the end of the night; yet by the time you get there, it’s ok at best  and not like it used to be.

Where’s the passion?  

Routine and expectation killed it.

Let’s say you start a new job.  The first year goes great as you surpass everyone’s expectations and wake up motivated and excited to start the day.

Then problems start creeping in.  The same day after day grind starts to eat at you and you’re suddenly feeling stagnant, bored and uninspired.  Sound familiar?

Routine and expectation have anesthetized you.  You’re asleep at the wheel.


So where in your relationship, job or art can you take the pressure off?  

Where can you add a little uncertainty and expand the space around you to think outside your box of routine?

Where can you add a little mystery to your relationship or your job?  Perhaps even your workout?

Need some ideas?

  • Take turns picking weekly date ideas.  Do things you’ve never done together and pick out of the ordinary times for seduction and romance.
  • Preserve a little mystery in your life together.  (close the bathroom door)
  • Don’t take for granted that you know everything there is to know about your partner.  Stay interesting by having hobbies, goals and interests outside your children and one other.
  • Take on a new assignment at work, set a big goal, read a new book and try out what you learn.  Take a new class to improve your skill set,  or even mix up what you do over your lunch hour.  Maybe instead of working out after work or doing your paperwork, get these activities done during the lunch hour.
  • Refuse to schedule creative time and instead carry a recorder, journal, or sketch pad everywhere you go and let yourself be creative when the urge hits.  You may not be able to finish, but the seeds of creativity will be planted and you can pick them back up to continue when you have the time.
  • Change up your work out.  Try a class you’ve never tried, run a route you’ve never run or pull out a sport you gave up long ago.

The key is to mix it up, get out of routine and dazzle your brain with new stimulus.


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