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Happiness isn’t a Destination.


Most of us spend our days seeking happiness as if happiness were a destination or golden prize at the end of long journey.  I believe happiness isn’t something to achieve or a reward for a life well lived ~I believe happiness is a point of view.

And it’s an interesting point of view isn’t it?

When we focus on what’s going right in life, happiness seems to spill out everywhere, yet when things aren’t so great, happiness feels elusive and seemingly hopeless to find.

I’ve recently danced on both ends of this spectrum in an 8 hour period after learning my sweet dog Bella needed surgery for a tumor.  I spent time in fear and time crying as I let myself imagine the worst.

A few hours later, I received a business email filled with good news I’d been waiting for, hoping for,and almost too afraid to want. My hands trembled at my keyboard as tears flowed once again, now for different reasons entirely.

What was most surprising to realize while crying over my dog, was that happiness was still present. I was happy to feel her, happy to love her and happy to have spent all these years with her regardless of current circumstance. Then later as I cried over good news, I felt another kind of happiness.

One was tinged with fear, love and gratitude, while the other was tinted with possibility and hope.

I’ve realized that happiness is always around us, yet recognizing it is a choice.

We have the power to choose it in the hardest of times when our hearts are twisted in fear and the future is unknown, and we have the power to choose it in the easier times when the sky is pink and dreams are near.

Choosing to recognize happiness is a decision we make in every moment. May we all choose wisely.


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