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The Anti-Bucket List for Women.

I moved into a new decade this year, and like so many others before me, found myself reflecting on the fertile question of “what’s next?” 

As I googled exotic adventures and considered the question, I remembered what so many other 50 somethings shared as I joined their ranks:  You learn to not give a shit anymore about what other people think.

So I wondered, if I’m going to let go of caring what others think, what else should I be giving up? Maybe the second half of life isn’t so much about what we want to do, but what we won’t do anymore.

So, I came up with this: The Anti-Bucket List for Women.

1. Ignore the latest rules when opening your closet.

It’s time to wear what you want to, whenever you want to. If it fits, doesn’t embarrass, and makes you happy, wear it.

2. Realize there’s nothing more to prove – to anyone.

If they can’t see for themselves how smart, caring and amazing you are, don’t continue to tap dance for anyone.

3. Lay down your sword of superior strength.

You’ve supported yourself for a few decades now, so there’s nothing more needed to prove your strength.
If a man or woman wants to take care of you, treat you like a queen and spoil you rotten, accept it with gratitude.

Accepting kindness does not make you weak or needy, nor does it require you give up any control in life.  

4. Remove the anxiety and rock the raunchy.

Light a candle, turn down the lights and put your wiggly, jiggly, fabulous body parts into whatever makes you feel sexy.

If the thought of this makes you cringe, see #5 below.

5. Leave your homeland rules.

How the puritanical modesty of the pilgrim woman has lasted for over 1,618 years is surely a mystery to be solved.
America’s outdated body shape fashion rules continue to be saluted with well manicured middle fingers in most countries. Women in other countries rock their femininity regardless of thigh size or birth year.

6. Curb the comparison.

There’s always going to be another woman who’s smarter, sexier, more successful, and probably more entertaining than you are.
The caveat? There’s no other woman on the planet with your exact combo.


photo via Flickr Walt Stoneburner

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